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Monkeying around

Day 13

Sandoval Lake

  • Early morning paddle
  • Sharp-eyed guide
  • Otters and monkeys and caymans, oh my!
  • Return of the roach

Journal Entry

We paddled out onto the lake early in the morning to see the wildlife greet the Sun. Later in the morning we ventured on a daytime nature walk through the jungle. At sunset, we again went out on the lake to catch a glimpse of the rare giant river otters, howler monkeys, and see the glow of the red eyes of the caymans.

The giant river otter is a carnivorous mammal, listed as endangered since 1999. There are less than 5000 of these animals left in the wild, and six live in Sandoval Lake.

Row, row, row your canoe

Day 14

Sandoval Lake, Lima

  • Return commute
  • Humans are primitive animals
  • The waiting game

Journal Entry

We made the extensive return commute back through the jungle en route to Lima, where we awaited our flight home.

Lima is the capital and largest city of Peru, housing seven and a half million people. The Historic Centre of Lima is a UNESCO world heritage site, and a popular tourist destination due to its numerous examples of historic colonial architecture.

I need to remove what?

Day 15

Lima, Miami, Toronto

  • More paranoid security
  • Sweet Canadian soil
  • Reflections

Journal Entry

Our return flight home took us through Miami again and back home to the Great White North.

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