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Where do I insert the quarter?

Day 1

Nadi, Aukland, Sydney

  • A big bright smile
  • Personal tour guide
  • From retro to hippy
  • Forget it Marge! It's Chinatown!

Journal Entry

I flew into Sydney today via Aukland, leaving Fiji at the godawful hour of 3:45 AM. With Carla as my personal tour guide, we visited Sydney's Central Business District, Manly Beach, Chinatown, and Darling Harbour, and got doses of Australian slang and '80s fashions along the way.

Sydney was originally settled as the first English penal colony, after abandoning their original settlement at Botany Bay. Then called Port Jackson, Sydney was selected for its magnificent natural harbour and nearby fresh-water source.

I didn't pull her in; she fell on her own! It was the wind!

Day 2


  • Chilly
  • A landmark tour
  • Catching up
  • High spirits

Journal Entry

On day 2 we visited the Harbour Bridge and its museum and explored The Rocks, the old part of Sydney town. After a pleasant lunch at the Botanic Gardens, we took astroll through Hyde Park and King's Cross and visited the Australian Museum. The evening closed out with some catching up at the hostel bar.

The ball's made of pigskin, not chicken skin!

Day 3


  • A lovely date
  • Football hooligans
  • The Big Plan o' Fun

Journal Entry

Day 3 was the Big Event day, beginning with a matinee play at the Sydney Opera House. Following that, we went to Olympic Park to witness game 2 of the State of Origin game, the biggest rugby match of the year.

In 2000, Sydney played host to the XXVII Olympic Summer Games, which featured 199 participating countries and 10,651 athletes taking part in the world's largest sporting event. Despite its relatively small population, Australia still finished fourth among participating countries with 58 medal winnings.

Play my digeridoo, Blue, play my digeridoo...

Day 4


  • A tearful farewell
  • The People to People people
  • A Darling evening
  • Das ist mein hamburger!

Journal Entry

Carla left early morning day 4, so I was on my own for the rest of my stay in Sydney. I visited Sydney Tower and Darling Harbour, including the Outback and Northern Territory Centre for the Sounds of the Outback show, a one-man digeridoo concert set to contemporary background music.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

Day 5


  • All the cute wittle aminals
  • The not-so-cute killer animals
  • Bloody sniffles

Journal Entry

Day 5 was a wildlife-filled day, with visits to Taronga Zoo to see many animals from Australia and Southern Asia, and then to Sydney Aquarium to witness the many creatures from the deep blue Ocean.

Where's the cabana girl when you need her?

Day 6


  • Bloody sniffles
  • Pushing prawns
  • Photo frenzy
  • The Coogee Bay Walk
  • "Good morning!"

Journal Entry

Day 6 took me to the famed Bondi Beach, where beach volleyball was held during the 2000 Olympic Games. Following that, I took the long shoreline walk down to Coogee Bay and visited the monstrous Coogee Bay Hotel bar.

Quit hogging all the attention!

Day 7

Sydney, Blue Mountains

  • Still drunk
  • Blue (but more green and brown) Mountains
  • More cute wittle aminals

Journal Entry

An early start to Day 7 brought me to the Blue Mountains to explore the eucalypt forests and learn some aboriginal legends. The route back included a stop at Featherdale Wildlife Park to pet the koalas, wallabies, and kangaroos.

The Blue Mountains are called blue because of the bluish haze visible along the horizon over the mountains. The haze is created by oils from the eucalypt leaves evaporating into the air.

Uh oh. I think my passport's still in my pocket...

Day 1

Sydney, Cairns

  • Heavy packs
  • A lovely sight
  • Woolshed preview

Journal Entry

A short morning flight brought me to tropical Cairns, where the day was spent wandering The Esplanade and enjoying the view by the lagoon. The evening was spent at the famous backpacker bar, The Woolshed.

Happy Canada Day!

Day 2


  • Even more lovely sights
  • Sunburn
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Pleased to meet you

Journal Entry

Day 2 was spent similarly to day 1, with much time spent enjoying the view at the lagoon up close. The evening saw me move to an uptown hotel to meet some of the members of our upcoming Contiki tour.

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