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I hope I rememberd my toothbrush...

Day 0

Toronto to Nadi

  • The flight to Nadi

Journal Entry

The first day of the trip, and it was the longest day of my life. I left Toronto at 3:30 PM Monday and didn't reach Fiji until 3:30 AM Wednesday local time. A five-hour flight to Los Angeles, two-hour stopover, and then eleven-hour flight to Nadi made for 18 hours of travel without a wink of sleep. Then I found a hostel, had four hours to sleep before my tour began, and still couldn't sleep a wink. Jet lag does some funny, funny stuff.

I think I got sand in my butt

Day 1

Nadi To Coral Coast

  • The taunts of fate
  • Real Fiji
  • Paradise the First
  • Village visit
  • No sandboarding for you!

Journal Entry

I joined the Feejee Experience hop-on/hop-off tour today and began the 4-day circuit around Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island. The tour took us to a local beach for a leisurely swim and barbecue. The route continued south-east with a stop at a small typical Fijian village, and then stopped at the Coral Coast for the night.

Fiji, now a member of the British Commonwealth, has an ancient heritage consisting of a mix of people from around the South Pacific. Known as a cannibal society for centuries, many rebellions and governmental coups eventually led to the island's secession to the United Kingdom. Fiji regained its independence from Britain in 1970.

Dr Livingspu, I presume?

Day 2

Coral Coast To Suva

  • Telephone troubles
  • Getting dirty... and wet
  • Bitter city

Journal Entry

The second day involved an extensive three-hour rainforest hike through thick brush, oozing mud, and flowing rivers. It concluded with a lazy float down the river to a small waterfall pool, and then a motor boat ride through the jungle river. The day concluded with a visit to the capital city of Suva and dinner and drinks at a popular night spot.

Ramming speed!

Day 3

Suva To Nananu-i-ra

  • Chugging kava
  • Visiting the kiddies
  • Power kayaking
  • Paradise the Second

Journal Entry

Day 3 involved a truly authentic Fijian experience: the kava ceremony. We were brought to a village wherein we were introduced to the chief and participated in the ancient yaqona ceremony and sampled the traditional kava drink. We then visited a local primary school for a dose of children's lives in rural Fiji. We were then treated to a bilibili raft before continuing northward to Ellington Wharf. A ferry ride or optional sunset kayak brought us to Nananu-i-ra where we enjoyed the spectacular atmosphere and a beach-front bonfire.

The island of Nananu-i-ra is inhabited by Fijian citizens of European descent. The island was originally sold to these people's ancestors several generations ago for the measely price of an empty bottle of rum and a broken musket. Attempts at repurchasing the island at the same price will result in disappointment; the current selling price for the island is $6 million.

I think I will make this my kingdom

Day 4

Nananu-i-ra To Nadi

  • Menacing cows
  • Paradise the Third
  • Hot pools

Journal Entry

Day 4 provided the opportunity to explore some of Nananu-i-ra, including one of the world's most lovely crescent bays. We then returned to the mainland and continued along the north shore. Our return to Nadi included a lunch stop for a sample of Indian-Fijian food, a visit to the old capital of Laukatoka, and a quick mud bath in volcanic hot pools. The tour concluded upon our return to Nadi that night.

Wish you were here, but if only one of us could go, I'd still pick me...

Day 5

Nadi And The Mamanucas

  • Cruisin' by
  • Phony tourists
  • A gem of an evening

Journal Entry

Today I sampled the more touristy side of Fiji by taking a cruise through the Mamanucas. A sail through this island group included a stop at South Sea Island for a ride in a semi-submersible boat and a snorkeling trip. The day was completed by relaxing at the hostel until my flight out of Fiji.

Fiji consists of approximately 330 islands, on some of which man has never set foot. The Mamanuca and Yasawa groups consists of some rather fabled islands, including the famous Treasure Island, and the island on which Tom Hanks's Castaway was filmed.

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