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The sunlight fights its way through the blinds, attempting to fill my bedroom with glorious sunshine. I turn and beckon the sunlight away, in vain hope that it will delay morning's arrival. That feeble battle lost, I crawl out of bed and begin the 5-second commute to work in the next room. As I sit, I think of the thousands of people stuck on the highway that morning and laugh in that irritatingly smug way that only an unshaven telecommuter can.

As the electronic glow of monitors begin to fill the office, I remember something. My manager is gone on vacation, and I am left essentially in charge of our operations for the next three weeks. My smugness is replaced with a false sense of self-importance. I check our planned schedule. Fix major problems by the end of the week, minor ones by end of next. No problem.

I check my messages. The client wants two weeks worth of work done in two days. Oh sweet merciful.... My false sense of self-importance is replaced with a dire sense of urgency, stress, and panic. Ten hours later I slither out of my chair, brain a mush, craving Oreos and the oblivion that is watching mindless television.

The next morning arrives, and it all begins again.

Repeat for three weeks until my manager returns, pleasantly rested, and I happily dump the responsibility back on to him. My turn for a vacation. But where to go?

A friend suggests New Zealand, as he will need to make that trip sometime soon. A travel partner would be good. That becomes the working idea.

Weeks pass. Events fill up the calendar. Procrastination lets time go by. Eventually, my friend gets a new job and, thus, no longer has any vacation time. The working idea that never worked is nixed.

Next thought: South America. I find a tour of Peru that involves biking the Andes, canoing the Amazon, and a 5-day hike up to Machu Picchu. I call to book. Filled up until next year. Save that for next time, then..

Scratch scratch scratch. The travel bug is strong. Need vacation now. Must decide soon. No time for proper and complete sentences.

Next on the list: Africa. I'd love to see the pyramids; see a wonder of the world and explore another ancient civilization. Time is wearing thin, so I find a tour of Egypt, book the trip, throw caution to the wind, and two weeks later I'm on my way.

Come and explore Egypt with us, as Chicken Noodle gives you the low-down on the fun and adventure, and George the Large-Footed Monkey pops in with some helpful local info from time to time.

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