August 2008

Cup of Soup

Tue, Aug 5, 2008

Wedding Speech

My friends Jeff and Heather got married over the weekend, and Jeff's speech had what must be the most unique line I have ever heard in a wedding speech:

"I never thought I would find something better than porn on the Internet."

Wed, Aug 13, 2008

Rock the Olympics

The Olympics are underway in Beijing, and as usual, I have been watching every minute I possibly can. In these modern times, we now have more options than ever before, including live streaming over the web. This is a great bonus for me, because I can now watch plenty of fencing, which is rarely shown on television.

Today, as I watched the stream prior to the start of a match, I witnessed another reason why fencing is awesome. On the loudspeaker at the hall, they were playing music from The Rock. "Hummel Gets the Rockets", to be precise. That's awesome.

Fri, Aug 15, 2008

Golden Drought

As usual at the Olympics, Canada has come off to a poor start, with no gold medals yet. This is normal, because the start of the Games are always when they run the swimming events, and really, Canada just isn't that competitive at swimming. The optimists are saying that better times are ahead; look at all the Canadian records being set. However, the winners of each of those events are setting Olympic and World records. That leads me to believe that the swimmers aren't really any better than before, just the pool and wetsuits are so much more advanced.

No need to panic, the medals will come. Just don't go haywire over our swimming record; it's just not our strong sport.

Thu, Aug 21, 2008


Toronto gets a bad rap from the rest of the country, most unfairly. The big bad city, people rushing to and fro, not a friendly person around. It's all based on stereotype without a shred of fact.

As I walked down the street last night with my girlfriend and her mother - talking about Toronto's image - we passed a small group discussing this very topic. One of the gentlemen said "People in Toronto are nice," and then turned to me as we passed and said "Hi!"

I responded with a hearty "Hello! Nice to see you! How are you today?"

See, people are friendly in Toronto.

Fri, Aug 22, 2008

Merry Noodlemas!

Eight years old! Who would have thought I could talk about nothing for so long?

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