March 2008

Cup of Soup

Sun, Mar 3, 2008

On A Tear

I should write down what I ate today and try to replicate it. Somehow, and who knows why, but I went on an absolute tear on Guitar Hero. Prompted by a friend's perfect execution of "When You Were Young" on Medium on my machine, I had gone and perfected all the songs in Set 1 earlier this week. Today, curious as to how far I could go, I managed to perfect every song in sets 2 through 4, many of them on the first try. I was in a groove. I got rhythm. If I could play a real guitar even a tenth as well, I'd be rockin'.

Sat, Mar 8, 2008

Febtoberfest XXX

Tomorrow, I become old. 30 years old. Wow.

To celebrate my newly-acquired senility, I held the second Febtoberfest party, milking on the success of the last one at my house-warming two years ago. This one was Febtoberfest XXX, and was full of much glee. My friends and I went out to a Portuguese restaurant, where they amused me with their attempts to pronounce "bacalhau a bras", and then proceeded to my home for some Guitar Hero, Pop-a-matic Trouble, and the traditional Febtoberfest Twister. Much fun was had, and many blackmail-worthy photos were produced.

I would have done better at Twister if these old bones weren't so creaky.

Sun, Mar 9, 2008

Merry Davidmas!

A Merry Davidmas to you and yours, and may all your Davidmas wishes come true!

As long as those wishes involve me somehow becoming younger.

Tue, Mar 11, 2008


Readers will be well-aware of my Guitar Hero addiction. Those following the game will also be aware of a bug in the Wii version that prevents proper Dolby Surround audio. Activision now provides replacement discs fixing this problem, bu they have decided to implement the exchange in a very assy way. Rather than, say, paying a deposit to have them send you a new disc and refunding the deposit when you send the old one back, they instead require you to send them the old disc and then wait a few weeks until they send you a replacement.

I sent mine off yesterday. This means I will be without my Guitar Hero for what may be a few weeks. I don't know how I'll survive. I suppose I could use this opportunity to dust off the real guitar, but I'm quite awful at it. The video game does a far better job at stroking the ego.

Sun, Mar 30, 2008

Earth Hour

Last night, as people shut down their lights to participate in Earth Hour, Torontonians saved about 434 megawatts of power. That is a significant statement toward our concern about climate change. Of course, the event could not go by without debate. There tends to be three camps with respect to opinion on Earth Hour.

The first camp is full of participants that shut off their lights as a sign of concern and unity. A strong statement from a huge collective of people that together voiced their concern over the damage to the planet that we have been wreaking for the past 200 years or so. It is a message to all that can hear: "I care, and I'm willing to act on it."

The second camp of folk are the ones that shut off their lights for an hour, then pat themselves on the back for a job well done and continue with business as usual. They have missed the point of the exercise. One hour with the lights out changes very little. The idea is to show that it can be done, and to encourage you to act everyday. Addressing this problem doesn't mean a change for an hour; it means a change for life.

The third group of people are the ones that chose not to participate. Some of them are in denial about climate change, refusing to accept the tremendous amount of evidence before them. Others look at the second group above, and think that an hour won't change a thing, so there's no point in trying. To those, I say your are dreadfully wrong. It is always worth the effort, always worth the attempt, and always worth the concern. One hour doesn't solve the crisis, but it can be a catalyst to something that does. When that many speak up together, when that mass of people declare in one voice "I care", others will listen. When that voice grows, even more will listen. Business leaders, political leaders, and people leaders; they all will start to listen. And if that voice is followed by action, then listeners will act as well.

434 megawatts won't save the world. But 434 megawatts in every city on every night? That will.

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