April 2007

Cup of Soup

Tue, Apr 3, 2007

Coyote Comeback Part 2

The Coyote Comeback Show continues!

This time, facing the strongest team in the league, we hoped to start off well against the team that had given us the most trouble in the regular season. We held our ground in the first despite them showing their strength, and entered the second period tied at nil.

Then, the rain of penalties began. One after another, after another, after another. I had lost count, but by the end of the period, we had surrendered three power-play goals, two of them on 5-on-3 situations.

Normally, I am a very calm individual. I don't lose my temper, or go on swearing rants, or let the circumstances of a game get to me. That's why I surprised myself when - as I skated across the ice to switch ends between periods - I called to our bench "OK guys, we can still make a game of this, BUT STAY OUT OF THE F***ING BOX!!!!" Yeah, I was kinda pissed.

It would seem, though, that my teammates took my message to heart. Within the first several minutes of the third period, we had potted two quick goals to make it close, but then fell into penalty trouble again. Successfully killing those off, the clock was seemingly against us. As time winded down, we pulled me for a sixth attacker, and somehow managed to slap in a tying goal with merely forty seconds left! I returned to my crease as the game went to overtime. Another penalty-kill later, with a shootout looming only two minutes away, another slapper founds its way through and we're off to the final!

Another come-from-behind win, this time from a three-goal deficit. While it certainly is exciting and all, do you think we could win a game normally next time? My poor nerves can't take much more.

Sat, Apr 7, 2007

Sparks Fly

After the video card in my media machine went fritzy, and my desktop gone occasionally wonky, I decided it was time for an upgrade, and bought new components for a more powerful work computer. My existing desktop machine would then be downgraded to take the place of the media machine, and that would be reassembled to replace the age-old webserver on which this site is running (or crawling; maybe encroaching would be a more appropriate word). $1300 later, I had a all these shiny new pieces assembled together and I began the tedious task of reinstalling all of the necessary software for its use. Last night, upon returning home from dinner at my parents', I turned on the machine to continue that task.

POP!! Flash!

As the smell of smoke filled the area, I began to weep.

Fortunately, the power supply only fried itself and none of the other components, so I was spared from catastrophic disaster, and only faced light tragedy.

Wed, Apr 11, 2007


Well, we never really should have gotten that far, so I guess I shouldn't be overly disappointed that we could pull it off, but it's still upsetting to get so close and have it slip away. After the dramatic pair of come-from-behind wins in our last two games, penalties hurt us again, and we fell 4-3 in the final. We held a 3-2 lead at one point, but a pair of power-play markers blew that, and going two men short in the final minute eliminated any chance of a third miracle. I ended up with the MVP award, but I would have rather had the title for the team. It was a great run and a fun season. Hey, we made it one game longer than the Leafs did.

My Sunday team, well, I think I was just spent. My game was not up to par and we couldn't hold off a quick team. It didn't help that their winning goal was scored just after I had been flattened and still lying hurt on the ice. Well, on to the summer season and hopfully better results.

Thu, Apr 12, 2007


Well, my hockey teams couldn't pull it off, but we somehow always end up winning at soccer. I guess it helps when your teammates are spectacular and you get put in goal because you're reasonably OK at it and you would be the weakest link otherwise. Superstar Janet was on fire tonight, scoring a hat trick and adding a helper in a 5-2 win. That is our fifth indoor soccer championship since joining the league on a whim back in '03, winning at least one seasonal title each year. The prizes keep getting better, too; we got roller luggage bags!

Wed, Apr 18, 2007


Astute readers will notice that a couple of things have changed.

Firstly, a new webserver has been installed for this site, which should improve performance significantly, especially for the photo album app. Loading those pages should no longer take hours upon end. (Though my bandwidth is what it is, so it may still take a while.)

Secondly, you'll notice that there's actually new content here for the first time in ages. There are three and a half months of logs to catch up on, so enjoy the read. I will try to keep the backlog at a minimum from now on.

Mon, Apr 23, 2007

BSG Season 4

January '08?!?! Frak!! I want it now!!

SPU has just caught up to the end of season 3 and is not happy about having to wait 9 months for more Galactica.

Sat, Apr 28, 2007

Bad Timing

Used to have so many plans
Something always seemed to turn out wrong
Never could catch up to you
Moving on and doing all you've done
I don't know why
The harder I try
The harder it comes

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