January 2007

Cup of Soup

Tues, Jan 2, 2007


Every now and then, something comes along that strikes you in such a peculiar way that you don't even realise the effect it has at first. Such is the case with Charlie and his adventure to Candy Mountain. When I first saw it, I thought "Well, that was... uhh... unique." and then thought nothing more. Two days later, however, I was standing in the kitchen drying a dish, when I heard a voice in my head:

"Candy Mountain, Charlie! Yeah, Candy Mountain!!"

"Yes," I thought, almost hypnotically. "Candy Mountain is a fine place. It's a land of joy. And joyness."

And so I watched it again. And again. I now regularly shun non-believers and proclaim the innate wisdom of the liopleurodon. I can only assume this is a long and circuitous plan to steal my kidney. I must remain alert.

Fri, Jan 5, 2007

The Tradition Continues

For a record 13th time and for the third year in a row, Canada has claimed the World Junior Hockey Championship. This time, with yet another installment of the age-old Canada-Russia rivalry. After a seven-year stretch of failure, Team Canada has somehow found ways to come out victorious with drastically different teams. Three years ago they iced what may have been the greatest junior team ever assembled. Last year, they formed a rugged lineup that wasn't supposed to be able to match the skill of their competitors, but determination and stellar play from Leaf-prospect Justin Pogge. This year, carrying half the same squad as last, they did it again, posting three straight undefeated tournaments.

In Canada, we may mostly ignore the senior World Championships because of its conlficts with the Stanley Cup playoffs, but no one supports their juniors like we do, and they've rewarded their fans numerous times for. It's one of those traditions that just never gets old.

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