October 2006

Cup of Soup

Sat, Oct 14, 2006

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Mats Sundin has just scored what may be one of the most eventful goals in regular-season history.

An overtime winner. Shorthanded. A hat trick. 365th as a Leaf, second most in history. 500th of his career.

A night for the history books. A night for celebration. A night for Captain Mats.

And as the Leaf faithful stood and applauded, Sundin - helmet and gloves astray - applauded back.

Sun, Oct 15, 2006

It's A Boy!

Welcome, Noah Marcus Faria Kim.

I'm Fun Uncle SPU.

Pleased to meet you.

Mon, Oct 30, 2006

Concerned Citizen

Last week, commercial flights resumed from the much maligned Island Airport courtesy of that devious and greedy Robert Deluce. Displeased with this hijacking of the city's waterfront - its most valuable asset - I refused to simply shrug and let it go.

I attended my very first protest. Standing there on a frigid afternoon, with my button and sign, among the trumpet players, drummers, and chants of "Another empty bus".

Does this, like, make me a hippy or something?

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