September 2005

Cup of Soup

Mon, Sep 5, 2005

Amateur Photography

I've added a new section to Spudles' Cup of Noodles. You can now view my photo albums from the site, including my latest tour of Toronto's Waterfront and the Music Garden.

Tue, Sep 6, 2005


Acquired from Craig, the WWL-AM interview with New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin (3.22 MB).

Mon, Sep 12, 2005

The Canadian Dream

The goal of us all.

Wed, Sep 14, 2005

The Greatest Party

It was a friend's birthday last weekend, and she had a nice big party at her apartment. She is quite famous for her highly creative parties.

Last year, on her 24th birthday, she decided she was getting closer to the age of becoming a cougar (an older woman that goes to bars looking to pick up young men). So, she decided to have a Cougar Party. All the girls had to dress in dated, scary-thirty-something-year-old outfits, and the guys had to dress like young kids. Everyone was assigned the age of 30 at the beginning of the night, and for every drink a girl drank, her age would increase by a year, and for every drink a guy had, his age decreased a year. It was a "fun game" to see who would end up the oldest and the youngest. Then we finished off the night by going to a cougar bar. It was a huge success.

This year, she decided she had to top it somehow. How do you top the Cougar Party? Well, you may not be able to guess it, but she did it.

She held an Underwear Party.

Everyone at the party had to wear some sort of interesting outfit involving underwear. Boxer shorts on your head, panties outside your jeans, anything. A few people decided to go all out, and arrived with jaw-dropping outfits. They involved suspenders and fairy wings. Sorry, no pictures.

I was creative and showed up in camouflage pants, dog tags, and a beret. When people asked why I was dressed like I was in the army, I responded that I was "going commando". I received high praise.

Anyway, it was a good party. I highly recommend it. You know, in case you're short of ideas.

Fri, Sep 16, 2005

The Canadian Dream - Revisited

Now I really have fulfilled the Canadian dream.

March 7, section 318, row 16, seats 24 and 25. Leafs vs Canadiens; the Great Canadian Rivalry.

Also, it is a comfortable 22 degrees celcius here at the office.

Tue, Sep 27, 2005

Mood Swing

On Sunday night, I got one of these.

That caused me to feel like this all of yesterday.

Today, I got one of these, as well as a set of these.

Now, I feel like this

Fri, Sep 30, 2005


In honour of pOrk actually blogging something, I have followed suit and taken the colour quiz. I am always quite skeptical about these things, but a lot of the results seem spot on, in that typically generic ambiguous way.

Click here to read the results.

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