November 2002

Cup of Soup

Fri, Nov 1, 2002


I've learned three things since I started cycling to and from the train station as part of my commute to work.

Firstly, you get on smiling terms with other cyclists that you tend to pass on a regular basis.

Secondly, squirrels are like rowdy teenagers. They go crazy over the latest trends (except their latest trends always deal with nuts and the fruit off of the trees in our backyard), and they like to play very dangerous games of courage (or stupidity, as is viewed by outside observers), usually involving playing chicken with my bicycle - dashing out of the way just before I squash them - or trying to run between the wheels of my bike as I'm speeding down the path. No squirrel is yet to succeed at that game.

Lastly, I learned that there are few ways to start your day that are worse than changing out of your sweaty clothes in the bathroom while someone in the stall next to you is farting and crapping away making a big stink of the whole room. That sort of thing kind of puts a damper on the entire day.

Sun, Nov 3, 2002


Mike Pinball Clemons is a saint. You won't find a man who's more gentlemanly, more charitable, more optimistic, and with a better smile than that man. And, he can coach a dismal football team to make a 20-point comeback in the late stages of the game to advance to the playoffs.


Fri, Nov 8, 2002


Mmm... cottleston pie...

SPU, in a Winnie the Pooh sort of mood

Sun, Nov 10, 2002

Rough Ride


I organised a group of ten people to come out to the Argos' playoff game today, and we witnessed a solid 24-14 Argo victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders in front of over 23,000 screaming fans. It was an eventful time in the stands, as we nearly caught a few toy footballs thrown into the crowd, we got put on national television, and one of our friends was selected to participate in an on-field karaoke contest. Plus, we had a nice view of the Argo dancers. Always a bonus.

And, I played curling for the first time yesterday. I only fell once, and our team won the event; I got a 6-in-1 screwdriver as my prize. Then, we went and watched "Men With Brooms" to finish off a curling-filled night.

Tues, Nov 12, 2002

43 Days

It's November 12. You know what that means.

Only 43 more days until Christmas!! Woo!!

Wed, Nov 13, 2002

No News Is Good News

The paper was full of bad news today. How depressing. Can't everyone just get along? In light of this misfortune, I will think of better things.

Our last three ball hockey games are the toughest of the schedule. We play the 3rd-, 2nd-, and 1st-place teams, respectively. We are sorrily undermanned, and with only two girls on the squad, we considered playing shorthanded today to allow them the chance to shift and get rested. We eventually opted not to risk it and the poor gals had to play 45 minutes straight.

However, with some good hustle, great defensive coverage, and some quick toe and glove saves we eeked out a tough and intense 3-2 victory to put us in a tie for 2nd place. Next week we will play to break that tie, and then the week following we will get a chance to exact revenge on the team that wolloped us handily in the first game.

Revenge is sweet when both parties can shake hands afterwards. Perhaps some of the people in the news today should think about that.

Sun, Nov 17, 2002

Snow Elves

We got our first blanketting snowfall of the season last night, and it happened to be the day my sister returned from the Dominican Republic. Now there's a shock to the system. Welcome home! Ha ha ha...

Mon, Nov 18, 2002

Between The Pipes

Imagine sitting at your desk. You make a mistake. A red light goes on behind you, a siren starts sounding and 18,000 people are yelling at you. That's what it's like to be a goaltender. - Hall of Famer Jacques Plante sums up what it's like between the pipes in the NHL.

Sat, Nov 23, 2002

Bond.... James Bond

Another Bond movie, another rehashed plot that's been the same as the previous nineteen movies, just with a new car, updated toys, a new set of one-liners, and new girls. It's pretty much just a formula. Throw all the ingredients in front of a camera, and out comes a movie.

The formula still works.

Bond is the man every guy wants to be: he dresses sharply, always outsmarts the bad guy, drives fine cars, and woos finer women. Of course, the Bond girls are always a pleasure to meet, and Rosamund Pike is my new favourite - she fences, has an irresistable English accent, and she's packing heat!

Bond is a case where the repetitive and the formulaic is expected. Why mess with something that works?

Tues, Nov 26, 2002

Winston Churchill

The BBC has selected Winston Churchill as the all-time greatest Briton. I must say that I have to agree. Any man who can lead his country to victory over history's greatest villain, present rivotting and inspiring speeches riddled with memorable quotes, AND drink like a fish at the same time is a good man in my books.

Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, 'This was their finest hour'.

Cheers to the man in the top-hat!

In contrast, Spudles' Cup of Noodles would like to make the following note:

"George W. Bush is a bloodthirsty, warmongering, idiotic moron."

Unlike others under public watch, I stand by my comment. I will not retract it, and I offer no apology.

Wed, Nov 27, 2002

Island Airport

Amid all the controversy over the future of the Toronto Island Airport, a great idea comes about on how to replace it. Hopefully, councillors will see it's value and prevent the moneygrubbing airport supporters from ruining the waterfront revitalization in one swoop.

We had the misfortune of facing the first-place team for a second time in our ball hockey schedule, and we were looking forward to some revenge after they whooped our inexperienced and unconditioned team in the first game. This time, we were better conditioned and better prepared, and they whooped us even worse than before.

I must have faced over sixty shots in the 45-minute game, and by the end of it I had given up all hope of trying to determine how every shot was changing directions three times before weaving through me; even the straight shots surprised me because I was expecting them to swerve around and they caught me stunned that they didn't. It simply wasn't my night.

We finish the season in third place, and still manage to avoid playing back-to-back games on the last night. Assuming we can defeat the second-place team again, we will meet up with our tormentors for the last time in the league championship final.

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