April 2002

Cup of Soup

Mon, Apr 1, 2002

7:30 PM
46 1/2 hours left.

19 792 lines of code so far.

Ever hear of a 24-year-old with arthritis? I'm expecting it to kick in any day now.

Wed, Apr 3, 2002

It's over.

1 infamous graphics course
+ 24 days
+ Over a dozen all-nighters
+ An average of five hours of sleep per night
+ One sleep schedule effectively shifted by 12 hours
- 34 episodes of The Simpsons
+ 3 additional courses about which I know nothing
+ 1 accurate real-world map
+ Many animated soldiers, horses, and cannons
+ 21,576 lines of code
1 semi-playable, but sweeeet-looking game of Risk, and a very good reason to get horrendously drunk and then sleep until Tuesday.

SPU, starting with the sleep, then moving to the drink, then back to the sleep.

Sat, Apr 6, 2002

Last night we had the Natural Log pub crawl, the official pub crawl for the Math graduating class.

This very well may have been one of the best pub crawls ever, simply because of the t-shirts we designed: Front Back.

We rule, and I got some peppermint nipples for my tom-foolery.

Quote of the day for today: "Yay! I have cleavage!"

No, it wasn't me.

Mon, Apr 8, 2002

I've added a gallery of the work I've done in my graphics course, just to show off some of the stuff. There's a bit of boasting, but considering the amount of work I put into it over the term, I think I deserve a little.

Thurs, Apr 11, 2002

1 exam down, 3 to go.

During my sleepless nights lately, I've gone and read some of the old archives here on the site. I find my logs are much longer and more interesting when I'm not too busy (i.e. my summer in Montreal) or if I'm living with Laurier students (i.e. the fall school term). I promise they'll be a bit more interesting than the past month has provided after school is done.

Fri, Apr 12, 2002

Two exams down, two to go.

That was bad. That was very very bad.

Having just received a perfect 24/24 on the project, I went into the exam this morning carrying a mark of 98.5%, but that is now going to drop like a rock after that exam.

Sat, Apr 13, 2002

Three exams down, one to go.

I probably didn't do very well, but the prospect that I may have actually passed this course thrills me!

And, barring a 34% catastrophe in yesterday's exam, I AM DONE WITH MATH! Buh-bye math! Ciao! Been nice knowing ya!

Mon, Apr 15, 2002

Three words: Grad-you-ation.

Finished! Wooooo!!! Done!
Done like George Bush's pretzel addiction!

Wednesday aft I'm out of this one-horse-but-multiple-cow town.

So, what's next for me? Who knows, really, but this sounds like fun....

SPU, has left the building

Fri, Apr 19, 2002

Home, sweet home...

I went to "the local pub" with some of my hometown crew for the weekly karaoke night. I sang some Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong; 'twas much fun.

Plus, the Leafs won game one of the playoffs last night. All in all, a good day.

Tues, Apr 23, 2002

Wonderful news! I passed my C&O course! I get a minor! It turned out to be the worst mark I've ever gotten in university, but I passed!! Oh joy!

My group also got 112% on our SoftEng project. That was a great group we had; we knew precisely how lazy each of us were, and we were able to delegate and complete our tasks with just the right amount of half-assedness to make it look like we did a lot of intelligent work, when all we were really trying to do was sabotage Bhanu's group.

Now I just have to find out how the graphics exam went to determine if I actually get that degree...

Thurs, Apr 25, 2002

More good news! I got the mark for my graphics exam, and everything went well! It wasn't quite the all-time-high mark for which I was hoping, but it's still up there. I'm quite confident my other two exams went sufficiently well, so I can now definitely claim that I passed all my courses and I will be graduating this spring.

Thus, I have successfully acquired a Bachelor of Mathematics degree, with a Major in Computer Science (Honours Co-op), an Option in Software Engineering, and a Minor in Combinatorics and Optimisation. That's a mouth-full.

So, who wants a grad photo?

In more fun news, I am going to make the most of my time off. Today, I booked and paid for a fun little European tour that will take me to a whole bunch of places that I've always wanted to see. The trip will take me from England to France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Vatican, and Greece. In particular, I will get to see the two places on the top of my list of places I've always wanted to see: Athens, and the Eternal City of Rome.

Ooo, I can't wait! Just myself, a whole whack of other student-age travellers, and a bus wreaking havoc around central Europe. Woo hoo!!

Tues, Apr 30, 2002

I kinda like this no-school-no-work thing. I can sleep in as long as I want and goof off all day. No responsibilities. I should do this during the playoffs every year!

What sucks, though, are domain name thieves. Nick's home of sweet lovin', that source of sexual chocolate, that whole lotta blue (but not in a contrived, coporate kind of way) has been taken from us, his friends and fans, by the evil demons of Ultimate Search Inc and Melbourne IT. Due to a registrar's inability to determine which day comes before what, succaland.com was snagged by nasty, nasty domain snatchers. Honestly, what is the point of doing such a thing? The rogue Succaland has nothing to do with the land, or anything succa. Do they really expect people to enter "www.succaland.com" when they want to search for Viagra? I believe some voodoo and stern evil-eyes are in order, and perhaps some firebombing on the side.

Now this is a good idea. Use the cruel intentions of the heinous against them. I find their hypocritical response amusing as well.

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