March 2001

Cup of Soup

Fri, Mar 2, 2001

Well, the rankings are in. Three offers out of four interviews; pretty nice, especially considering one of them is for the job jor which I thought the interview went quite badly.

Of course, there is now a bit of a dilemma. Which one do I pick? Two jobs look quite good:

  1. Toronto
    • Working on features of the IDE to a DSP compiler. :|
    • Ultra cool environment. :)
    • Very good pay. :)
    • In my city with the people I know. :)
    • Will still live at home. :(
  2. Montreal
    • Working on features of 2D and 3D animation studios. :)
    • Graphics job; part of my desired field of work. :) :)
    • According to a previous co-op, a great place to work. :)
    • Unknown pay (as of yet -- I'm working on it). :(
    • Living on my own. :)
    • In a new city I've never seen before. :)
    • In a strange place with no one I know. :(

I have until Tuesday afternoon to decide. So what do I do? Or is the answer screamingly obvious, and I'm just afraid to take the leap into the unknown?

Tues, Mar 6, 2001

It's now official. For my last work term this summmer, I will be an employee of Softimage in Montreal. I turned down a very high-paying job for this one, but the experience should be well worth it.

I have now calculated Freedom Day (the day on which I have enough money in the bank to pay for my last two school terms and pay back my student loan) to be around the end of June or early July. It will be a happy Canada Day indeed...

Why are many people so preoccupied with finding out "who they are"? They spend an inordinate amount of time experimenting with new things and strange ideas, and their mannerisms scream out "Define me! Define me!" as they struggle to discover that certain identity that they believe is buried deep within them.

What, exactly, are they looking for? What do they expect to find? A single word, or a single phrase that sums up the essence of a person? Can it be that simple?

I am more than a word, and more than a phrase. I am more than the sum of my parts. I am complex, yet deceptively simple. I am silly, yet perfectly sane. I am an incredible bore, yet the life of the party. I am romantic, yet a bumbling fool. I am perfect logic, yet a walking contradiction. I am all you say I am, and exactly the opposite. I am all that I am, and so much more.

Stop digging; my identity is in plain view. Too difficult and cryptic to understand? Well, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Fri, Mar 9, 2001

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear SPU
Happy birthday to me

Monetary gifts are perfectly welcome. Silly comments about being over the hill or belonging in a zoo will result in a stern thpbpbpbt!!

Mon, Mar 12, 2001

Why is it still so cold?

I have a bike sitting frozen in the shed, a pair of inline skates feeling neglected, and a scooter that has yet to be used. O', warm weather, where art thou?

Tues, Mar 13, 2001

Last night we played our first playoff game, and it was probably the best game we've played so far this term. We played the team with whom we tied earlier, which kept us out of the first bracket. This time, though, we gave them a good whollup, and earned an 8-4 victory. We now go to the B2 final. Damn those 4-team brackets. We could have made it to the top!

Kevin did not get placed with the Montreal job he wanted. Now I must face the new scene alone, with no one I know. Damn you, co-op!

On the bright side, I had a box of Smarties today.

Wed, Mar 14, 2001


Thurs, Mar 15, 2001

Some losses seem so immense that sometimes it takes a long time to find out how much emptiness is left behind.

The Noodles will be on hiatus for a time. Hopefully they'll be back before too long.

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