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IMG_21835 KB50 KB1.9 MBRabbit Condo, 1st Floor
Since Benji is a New Zealand White, maybe I can call this place Kiwi Kastle. Ground floor features creative use of snap-together cube shelves for the house frame, and acrylic-covered plywood for a gnaw-proof, easy clean floor. Wooden trim and low-lying acrylic siding reduce mess by keeping contents indoors. Sliding feet make the home easily mobile for convenient change of neighbourhood.
IMG_21844 KB38 KB1.9 MBRooftop Patio
In Open Mode, a textured step-ramp provides slip-free access to the rooftop patio. Wall-to-wall carpeting eases pressure on bunny feet and provides a comfortable lounging surface, perfect for a relaxed afternoon of gnawing, chewing, and thinking bunny thoughts.
IMG_21854 KB41 KB2.0 MB2-storey Condo
In Closed Mode, Kiwi Kastle becomes a luxurious two-storey condominium, with all amenities the complex has to offer in one completely contained and secure unit. Enclosed second floor and external door latch on the main entrance keeps bunny inside during curfew or whilst in the presence of allergic visitors, but still provides ample room for bunny freedom to hop, chew, and dream of Mr McGregor's garden.
IMG_21865 KB64 KB2.2 MBRabbit Condo
IMG_21884 KB39 KB1.8 MBPeeking In
Benji cautiously tests out his new home
IMG_21894 KB28 KB1.6 MBNibbling
Several hours of this preceded his entrance
IMG_21906 KB59 KB1.8 MBFirst Look
Benji discovers his new litter box
IMG_21993 KB22 KB1.6 MBBig Fuzzy Butt
IMG_22014 KB37 KB1.8 MBRabbit Chillax
IMG_22024 KB25 KB1.6 MBSleepies
I didn't know it at the time, but rabbits sleep with their eyes open
IMG_22034 KB43 KB2.3 MBDrunk
Benji gets loaded on water
IMG_22043 KB21 KB2.1 MBIn A Panic
Benji panics as I clean his condo
IMG_22064 KB34 KB2.3 MBA Quizzicle Look
Benji wonders who this strange guy is and why he's taking so many pictures
IMG_22074 KB38 KB2.3 MBExpanding His World
Benji sees the outside of his pen for the first time
IMG_22143 KB27 KB2.1 MBBinkies
Benji jumps for joy at discoveries around the corner
IMG_22173 KB20 KB1.4 MBStrrrrretch!
IMG_22233 KB12 KB1.1 MBAt Rest
Claiming his spot by the fridge
IMG_22254 KB27 KB1.7 MBPlaying Bury the Bunny
IMG_22294 KB26 KB1.6 MBExploring the Patio
IMG_22335 KB43 KB1.7 MBIt's Slinky!
It's such a wonderful toy!
IMG_22355 KB43 KB1.6 MBAsleep in Slinky
IMG_22393 KB18 KB1.6 MBFirst Time on the Couch
Good thing I have a picture, because it won't happen again
IMG_22404 KB20 KBNo Longer Allowed on the Couch
Look at him, begging at me with those little bunny eyes
IMG_22434 KB25 KB1.6 MBHiding in the Corner
Hiding from the anti-couch spray
IMG_22653 KB20 KB1.5 MBBenji, Meet Benji
Benji meets his namesake, the original 24-year-old Benji
IMG_22793 KB18 KB1.5 MBStanding Guard
Benji, behaving
IMG_22895 KB31 KB1.5 MBDigging
IMG_23864 KB23 KB1.5 MBPresiding Over the Ottoman
Benji is not particularly interested in Ferris Bueller's Day Off
IMG_23903 KB16 KB1.4 MBKnocked Out
IMG_23934 KB27 KB1.6 MBTunnel of Bun
IMG_23944 KB27 KB1.4 MBPenalty Box
2 minutes for being a jerk
IMG_23964 KB30 KB1.7 MBRef, Let Me Out!
It wasn't me! It was the one-footed rabbit!
IMG_23974 KB33 KB1.7 MBI'll Be Good
...for now....
IMG_25013 KB16 KB971 KBPassed Out
IMG_26964 KB28 KB1.6 MBLush
IMG_26993 KB18 KB1.2 MBLounging About
IMG_29873 KB34 KB1.2 MBClose-up
IMG_29994 KB30 KB1.2 MBStretching For A Treat
IMG_30004 KB27 KB1.2 MBLooking For More
IMG_30014 KB27 KB1.4 MBPeering Up
IMG_30084 KB30 KB1.7 MBSanta Benji
IMG_30183 KB20 KB1.7 MBJingle Benji
IMG_33235 KB56 KB1.9 MBFirst Time on Grass
IMG_33126 KB61 KB1.8 MBGarden Bunny
IMG_33135 KB53 KB1.6 MBMmm... Fresh Veggies
IMG_33174 KB28 KB1.2 MBPeering At The Landscape
IMG_33204 KB27 KBJump For Joy
IMG_00603 KB19 KB2.2 MBAffection

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